The Wilson Combat company has been in the business of manufacturing custom pistols and rifles since 1977. Its full line of custom 1911 semi-automatic pistols is second to none in reliability and craftsmanship. In addition to custom, expertly designed rifles/long guns, Wilson Combat produces professional, full-size, compact, sentinel, supergrade, and several other pistol models:

-Full-Size Models- Wilson Combat’s full-size pistols provide a level of comfort and accuracy which surpasses the quality of other handguns of the same size and type. Their wide range of full-size models include the Classic, CQB (including the CQB Elite, Light-Rail Lightweight, and Tactical LE), Protector, Tactical Carry, Tactical Elite, Vickers Elite, Ultralight Carry, X-Tac, Hackathorn Special, Hunter, and Texas BBQ Special semi-auto pistols. If you prefer a heavy-handed, solid weapon, then these models will be to your liking.

-Professional Models- For law enforcement and on-duty, armed personnel, Wilson Combat manufactures a full line of professional-grade, service pistols including the Professional, Elite Professional, Professional Lightweight, Professional LR-LW, Tactical Carry Professional, Protector Professional, Sentinel Professional, ULC Commander, ULC Professional, CQB Commander, and Compact Carry models. If you carry a pistol for a living, look no further than this series.
-Compact Models- Designed almost exclusively for concealed carry, Wilson Combat’s compact pistol offerings will cover your tactical, concealed carry needs. Models in this series include the Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, CQB Compact, CQB LR Lightweight Compact, Ultralight Carry Compact, X-Tac Compact, Protector Compact, Sentinel Compact, Tactical Carry Compact, Carry Comp, and Stealth compact pistols. The low-profile design of this series is perfect for concealing purposes.

-Sentinel Models- This elite series of lightweight pistols designed for easy and comfortable concealed carry exemplifies the quality and reliability standards of Wilson Combat. Pistols available in this series include the Sentinel, Super Sentinel, Ms. Sentinel, Ultralight Carry Sentinel, and the Sentinel Compact and Sentinel Professional models already listed above.

-Supergrade Models- Wilson Combat’s flagship line of pistols is the Supergrade series. Pistols in this line are superior to any other 1911-based semi-auto on the market and are instant collectors pieces. Models include the Classic Supergrade, Tactical Supergrade, Tactical Supergrade Compact, Tactical Supergrade Professional, and Pinnacle elite pistols. Don’t miss this fantastic line of high-end pistols!
-Other Models- Wilson Combat also manufactures several unique, collectible models that fall outside of the above-listed pistol series. These include the 92G Brigadier Tactical, BCM Gunfighter 1911, California Models, Sports South Exclusives, and the AR9 and ARP Tactical Pistols (AR-Carbine firearms designed to meet the legal requirements of “pistols” as described by most states’ legal statutes).

The Wilson Combat company tries to keep in mind the many unique and specific needs of their customers. Instead of a few, basic models, Wilson Combat offers a full line of custom designed, professionally smithed, and highly prised pistol models widely varied enough to appeal to even the pickiest pistol buyer. Guns and Tactical USA in [Arizona] is a trusted, licensed, professional firearms retailer and proudly carries all makes and models of Wilson Combat’s elite, custom pistols. Professionals at Guns and Tacticals USA will take the time to introduce you to Wilson Combat’s entire line and fit you with the perfect weapon for your needs.