Wilson Combat Shotguns 

Originally a company who specialized in customizing and then manufacturing high quality 1911 pistols, Wilson Combat has grown significantly in the firearms world to be one of the most foremost custom firearm makers on the planet. As such, they have greatly expanded their business to include customizations for many more products, including Beretta 92 pistols, AR-15 rifles, and Remington 870 shotguns.

At the turn of the century, Wilson purchased Scattergun Technologies and rebranded it as Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies. This means that Wilson will now take your old and beaten up 870 shotgun and transform it into a good as new and completely customized combat shotgun, with any one of the following four options:


As the name suggests, this is the base customizable option for a 870 combat shotgun. It is intended to include many of the features that most people would want on a defensive 870 shotgun while being offered at a value price.

Examples of features that you will find on the standard shotgun version include an extended magazine tube for a total shell capacity of 6+1 round, an eighteen inch cylinder bore barrel with a three inch Magnum Chamber, adjustable ghost ring sights, a side saddle shell carrier with your choice for a 4 or 6 round capacity, a rigid magazine tube sling mount, and Armor-Tuff finish to resist wear and corrosion.


This shotgun, as the name also suggests is designed to meet the standards set by the US Border Patrol, who currently utilizes thousands of Remington 870s for daily use.

The Border Patrol shotgun includes all of the features of the Standard Shotgun in addition to a non-binding and high visibility follower, a synthetic speed fed forend and buttstock, and a stainless steel heavy duty magazine tube spring.


Most tactical situations involving shotguns occur at extremely up close conditions. Therefore, it would make sense to have a shorter shotgun meant for these scenarios that can be easily maneuvered in tight corners and cramped spaces while still delivering a devastating hit to an armed and dangerous opponent.

Wilson Combat has installed this shotgun with a collapsible butt stock that is AR compatible and makes the shotgun modular, a fiber optic front sight, an aluminum collapsible stock adaptor, a military mil-spec buffer tube, Wilson’s BCM Starburst gunfighter shotgun rip, and a SureFire Tactical Forend Lumen Light.


This is another compact shotgun that is even smaller than the CQB shotgun. The cylinder bore barrel measures just fourteen inches with a magnum chamber of three inches, and a total shell capacity of 5+1 rounds. It includes a set of adjustable Ghost Ring sights, a SureFire flashlight with 200-600 Lumens installed on the forend, Armor Tuff finish to resist wear and corrosion, a stainless steel heavy duty magazine tube spring, a butt stock swivel, and a jumbo head safety.

It’s important to note that because this shotgun is so short, it’s not legal to own in all fifty states. Carefully research your state’s laws and make sure that this shotgun is compliant with NFA rules in that state before purchasing.


Border Patrol

CQB Shotgun