Military Rifle on a Civilian Budget

I know that just about everybody out there has seen the rifles that the military and law enforcement officials use. Maybe you have even wanted the combat rifle you have seen them use, or wanted to get your hands on a military like sniper, well we have the solution for you. From the people at Wilson combat comes the long line of Wilson rifles. No, not all of them are hunting rifles, these Wilson rifles are rough and tough combat rifles much like the ones military personnel use today. These rifles are meant to withstand the elements of a battle field, and we are sure they will meet your needs.

Wilson combat has a wide range of rifles in their arsenal that sit on 3 main platforms. Wilson rifles sit on the AR9 platform, AR10 platform, and finally the AR15 platform, with many different options to choose from under each one. So let’s start with the AR9 platform. The AR9 platform is a rifle that is similar to a AR15, with the major difference being that it accepts 9mm ammo rather than .223 ammunition. The AR9 Wilson rifle does something that not many other rifles do, they make the AR9 rifle so that it accepts the same pistol magazines that you use for your Glock, Beretta, and even the Smith & Wesson M&P magazines. The AR9 also comes with the choice of barrel length ranging from 8” to 11.3” giving you ultimate customization options when purchasing the weapon.

Along with the hugely popular AR9 plat form, Wilson rifles also come in two more platform options. So let’s continue with the AR10 plat form. The AR10 comes in two different options, the .308, and the .338 Federal. The .308 itself has two different options. The first choice you have is the standard .308. The standard .308 is Wilson rifles larger version of the typical .223 versions of the AR15. The .308 also has a larger sibling, the .308 Super Sniper. The .308 Super Sniper is the longer, heavier version of the original .308. The .308 comes in barrel lengths of 14.7”, 16”, 18”, and the massive 20” barrel. While the .308 Super Sniper come in two barrel options. You will be able to choose between a 20” fluted barrel with a 14’ rail, and a 20” non-fluted barrel with a 14” rail. The last rifle under the AR10 platform is the .338 Federal Recon Tactical rife. This rifle weighs in at 71pounds and 33” in length and is mainly a hunting rifle.

Last but not least is the world renowned AR15 platform that we see law enforcement and military using the most. The AR15 platform has the Recon Tactical rifle that has many different customization options. The Recon Tactical is capable of shooting 5.56mm ammo, 6.8SPC ammo, 300 Blackout ammo, and even .458 SOCOM ammo. This wide array of accepted ammunition gives Wilson rifles the advantage over other rifle makers today. Wilson rifles not only give the consumer the option to choose the ammunition they want to use, but also gives them the option to choose how long they want the barrel, and the magazine they will use.

Now Wilson Combat prices these guns relatively high, so in order to break open the box to one of these guns without breaking the bank, shop at Guns and Tactical USA. Guns and Tactical USA is a major gun seller in the market today. With low prices and friendly staff, they are a sure bet when purchasing your next gun. So if you want a military like rifle, but have a civilian budget go to Guns and Tactical USA.