Wilson Custom Builds

The credit for making Wilson Custom Builds goes to Bill Wilson the owner of Wilson Combat who had a great liking for guns. He was basically a trained watchmaker and has been in the industry of firearms since 1974.He started with a retail store in Berryville in the state of Arkansas. It proved to be a great initiative by Bill Wilson as he has made Wilson Combat the largest and most popular custom firearms company in America. This can be seen from the fact that since 1977 Wilson Combat has been the pioneer in the manufacture of tactical long guns, accessories apart from 1911 handguns. The products of Wilson Combat are incredible as their reliability and craftsmanship is simply unmatched.

The various customs builds at Wilson Combat

1911 custom work

Wilson Combat has been doing marvelous piece of work as far as custom gunsmithing on 1911 pistols is concerned. The company has been performing in this segment since 1977.The custom guns made in Wilson Combat had been the preferred choice of many professionals and has been used in many duties than other brand. The gunsmithing at Wilson Combats is done by only the expert pistol smiths due to which the satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. In addition you can also get the hand engraving done on your pistol which is done by a highly expert master engraver.

Beretta custom work

As far as the Beretta custom work is concerned Wilson Combat has introduced a great collection of enhanced gun parts, latest design and custom gunsmithing options for the 92/96 series of Beretta handguns. The Beretta 92/96 series is a fantastic combat gun and is also the official sidearm of the armed forces of America. The reliability and durability of the 92/96 series of Beretta can be made much better with the quality parts and service provided at Wilson combat. Ernest Advisor is the technical advisor for this superb project

The Beretta series can be finished in the ArmorTuff finishes in black, green, gray and many more colors. In addition with the implementation of the Beretta Tune package the shoot ability of this gun would reach a new level as the trigger would come lighter and much reliable than before. There are also many custom parts of the guns available here.

AR 15 custom work

The AR customization at Wilson Combats give you fantastic options for finishes, parts and upgrades and the best thing is that this could be done on most of the AR models.In order to build your exclusive AR you can always call or email.

The AR15 can have the ArmorTuff finishes and is available in Black,green,federal brown, flat dark earth colors.

Billet AR

This masterpiece has been designed with the joint effort of Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat team. Both the receiver of BILLet-AR has been fully machined in the facility at Arkansas. This exceptionally good gun is only available as a custom upgrade for existing AR-pattern models of rifle.

Shotgun custom work

You can remodel your 870 shotgun to a new condition with the help of the Remington steal package. All your damaged parts including the butt stock and fore-end, convert to flexi-tab anti-jam system, replace safety with a jumbo head and convert your chamber to 3inches.

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