Wilson Guns – Highest Quality Custom Firearms

When a business is started out of love and passion, then it is destined to thrive and succeed. Bill Willson entered the firearms industry back in 1974, and has pursued his passion for guns to open a retail store in Berryville called Sportsman’s Headquarters. With so many different manufacturers and sellers in the market, it is difficult to make a name for yourself, but Bill Wilson certainly made his stand out. Today, Wilson Combat is the biggest and most successful custom firearms company in the United States.

The American gun industry was first incubated by the government, and quickly it developed a commercial market, which then grew into public-private business dedicated to providing resources for common defense. Even before the Revolutionary War, the US had a significant shortage of guns. Even decades after it, the situation hasn’t changed much, and the nation was forced to rely heavily on the foreign markets. Soon, it was realized that there was a dire need for domestically produced guns, especially for national defense purposes. And thus, a fully-fledged domestic gun industry started blooming.

Centuries later, the US firearms industry has become one of the most powerful forces in the country and worldwide. Recently, the US manufacturers managed to produce more than 10 million firearms in a single year, breaking their own record third year in a row. The multibillion-dollar industry has certainly taken a few blows from the political scrutiny and different-minded perspectives, but it never-the-less remains unscathed and strong. According to various sources, 31% of American households own guns, there are around 300 million estimated number of guns in the US alone, more than 250 000 full-time jobs are related to the gun industry, and all of those numbers are on the constant rise. So, how does one pierce this tough, growing market and make a household name in the business?

Earning themselves a high reputation in customizing and manufacturing pistol firearms, Wilson Combat has quickly become the leading innovator in the field.With the M1911A1s as their most praised model, the company focuses on high-performance, custom handguns, tactical long guns and other accessories. Besides John Browning and Jeff Cooper, Bill Wilson is synonymous with the 1911. Any product bearing the name of Wilson is guaranteed to have utmost reliability, exceptional performance, and pristine craftsmanship. A country boy from Arkansas was supposed to take over the family jewelry store, but young Bill Wilson had other things in mind. Luckily for all the gun enthusiasts, Wilson managed to break into success with his intentions and build the largest custom shop in the world. Gradually, he managed to gain reputation for producing firearms of the highest quality, with the best customer service available. From custom 1911s, 9mm Lugers, 12 and 20 gauge shotguns, all the way to AR-15s, bolt action rifles, and custom knives even, Wilson Combat has created a lucrative business with a wide range of products. Alongside of the various products, ammunition and accessories are available for every model on offer. Perhaps, one of the best recommendations would be the fact that handguns by Wilson are used by special forces, namely Delta Force and Navy SEALs.